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“这不是浪漫吗”明星叛逆威尔逊,Priyanka Chopra and Adam Devine Talk about Romance

E!新闻不是浪漫吗With Liam Hemsworth currently unavailable due to a painful bout of kidney stones,the other stars of the new romantic comedyIsn't It Romantic威尔逊叛军,普里扬卡·乔普拉和亚当·德文在接受采访时帮助宣传了这部电影。E!新闻.In the interview,这三位明星分享了一些他们在个人生活中见过的最浪漫的举动,以及他们经历过的一些糟糕的分手。

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扎克·埃夫隆为亚当·戴维恩的生日送上了原版歌曲的礼物。扎克·埃夫隆一直觉得有必要提醒everyone of his musical talent and he used Adam Devine's 33rd birthday to stay the course.Zac sat down at a piano and pounded out a soulful tune as he sang a personalized birthday song in honor of his "Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates"co-star's big day.歌词祝“一个性感男人的地狱”生日快乐特别的视频信息清楚地表明了亚当的时代。

“我觉得自己是学校里最漂亮的女孩。”亚当推特in response to Zac's song.


(图片来源:Zac Efron Twitter和Instagram帐户)

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29 Shirtless Images Of Zac Efron For Every Year He's Been Alive

zac efron shirtless 29th birthday feature今天是扎克·埃夫隆的生日!这位演员星期二刚满29岁。It feels like just yesterday he was making fans swoon in "High School Musical."但是扎克长大了,going from a dreamy teen to a hunky man.To celebrate the things he's accomplished in his career so far,we took a look at some of Zac's best work: namely,his bod.In honor of his special day,我们收集了一些我们最喜欢的礼物和扎克的照片,没有穿衬衫-在一些照片中,even less.

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Zac Efron And Liam Hemsworth Each Paint A Nail For A Good Cause

扎克·埃夫隆·利亚姆·赫姆沃思(Zac Efron Liam Hemworth)擦亮男子暴力侵害儿童运动B扎克·埃夫隆和利亚姆·赫姆斯沃思抓住机会参加了“抛光人”活动。campaign,一项持续的宣传工作,旨在提高对暴力受害者儿童的认识和筹集资金。扎克和利亚姆都受到了克里斯·赫姆斯沃思的挑战,他要画一个指甲,并通过Instagram分享一个“自拍”。

扎克带着一个火红的阴影走了,帮助他的眼睛睁开。利亚姆喜欢一种淡季的青柠色,但看起来这可能是他女朋友的选择。Miley Cyrus.两位演员都分享了他们的波兰照片,其中有一些关于暴力侵害儿童的关键统计数据和一个帮助事业的链接。他们也各自提名更多的人参加竞选。

扎克给詹姆斯·马斯登贴了标签,Hugh Jackman,NBA球星乔丹和Adam Devine.利亚姆给吉米·法伦和职业冲浪选手凯利·斯莱特贴上标签,另外,他从克里斯手中把我递给了他,提名了赫姆斯沃斯最年长的哥哥,以此来支持他的家族。Luke.

Check out Zac and Liam's posts below.Visit the "Polished Man"websitefor more information on how to help children threatened and affected by violence.

(Photo credits: Zac Efron and Liam Hemsworth Instagram accounts)

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Celebrities Show Their Stripes On The Fourth Of July

Celebrities Celebrate 4th of JulyThe coolers filled with ice-cold beer are ready to go and the grills are fired up in honor of America's Independence Day.Celebrities,有近有远,正在代表假日发帖。Many like Shay Mitchell and Emma Roberts are soaking up the sun while others like Zac Efron and Adam Devine are giving a shoutout back home while away on promotional duties.甚至尼尔·霍兰也给他的美国朋友们发了一封信,祝你节日快乐。

名人庆祝7月2日4日同时,Kylie Jenner continues to prove that there ain't no rest for the wicked as she used the occasion to promote her patriotic lip kit. The reality star did also wish for everyone to have a safe and fun day.Taylor Swift also kept her 4th of July traditions alive by throwing anotherstar-studded独立日聚会。


(图片来源:Zac Efron,Joe Jonas,Camila Cabello,哈迪德纽斯,Niall Horan,托里·凯利,Ashley Tisdale和Shay Mitchell Twitter账户;Rihanna,Kylie Jenner,艾玛·罗伯茨,Zac Efron,Taylor Swift和Wilmer Valderrama Instagram账户)

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迈克和戴夫需要在好莱坞举行婚礼首映式。"Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates"周三晚上在好莱坞的Arclight电影院首映。扎克·埃夫隆Adam Devine,Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza were all in attendance along with the real-life brothers Mike and Dave Stangle.

扎克和今晚的娱乐活动about his '90s-inspired frosted tips that many people are comparing to "Saved By The Bell"领头人物扎克·莫里斯扮演马克·保罗·戈赛拉。"Oh my gosh,my hero,"扎克恭敬地说。



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