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马特·希利回应了厌女症的引语-1The 1975's Matt Healy has responded to claims that he is a misogynist after a Q Magazine released its interview earlier this week featuring the singersayinghe never dated Taylor Swift. Matt has spoken out against those claims via Twitter saying that his words were "totally taken out of context."继续阅读→188bet sport



Are Halsey and Ruby Rose dating-1It seems like it didn't take long for Ruby Rose to move on from her ex-fiancée,菲比·达尔。这位女演员最近被《新美国》杂志看中了。singer Halsey grabbing lunch before heading in to a movie theater in Hollywood.

This isn't the first time the two women have gotten together.Two weeks ago,Halsey posted a picture to her Instagram account along with the caption,"Well this beautiful thing certainly turned my morning around [heart emoji]."

哈尔西和鲁比在社交媒体上互相承认也不是什么新鲜事。Back in August,“橙色是新的黑色”Star发了一条简单的“嗨”给歌手。哈尔西回答“嗨”back with a heart emoji.

Ruby and Phoebe ended their two-year relationship a week ago,but it's unclear if Halsey's single.歌手是传言to have been starting some type of a relationship with Matt Healy from the British rock band The 1975 while living with her ex-boyfriend,挪威制片人利多。

See more photos from Halsey and Ruby's day together below.


(图片来源:Halsey Instagram帐户和HalseyxUpdates Twitter帐户)

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Taylor Swift And Matt Healy's Recent Relationship Was FAKED?!马特,都是假的。It's A Farce'

taylor-matt泰勒参与了一段虚假的关系!泰勒·斯威夫特让贾斯汀和赛琳娜在The 1975′s Matt Healy told 2DayFM that his relationship to Taylor was all ‘fake'."It's fake.都是假的。这是闹剧!

是啊,we met each other,我们交换号码的方式和这个世界上很多人一样,我们偶尔也会说话。And she's the biggest pop star in the world and I'm in Australia.' Do YOU think it was a cover relationship forher rumored lesbian relationship with Karlie Kloss是吗?

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matt-healy泰勒需求Taylor Swift is dating The 1975's Matt Healy,确认来源美国周刊,就在女同性恋谣言爆发几天后she dating and kissing BFF Karlie Kloss.

泰勒,24岁,遇见希利,25岁,在他乐队洛杉矶音乐会的后台。他说:“我们交换了号码。我是说,该死的地狱,what am I going to do?Go out with Taylor Swift?..I wouldn't say no!' They are quietly dating:

“这是非常新的,他们玩得很开心。他们看到了事情的进展。“他经常给她发短信,as they're both busy working.你认为泰勒和马特是可爱的一对吗?你更喜欢她和凯莉在一起吗?


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